a mother and daughter team of artists

Portraits In Silhouette is the combined expertise of silhouette artists and mother-daughter team, Jean Comerford and Marcella Comerford-Foley. Portraits In Silhouette is focused on bringing you original, personalized work, full of inventive detail and creative spark. From the classic black silhouette portrait to stunning showpieces in various shades, our online store showcases some of the fun magic we do with paper and we are always open to creating your vision and ideas. We specialize in events such as fundraisers, silhouette days at stores and boutiques, and private parties including galas, corporate events, and in-home parties.

Having created a signature style of silhouette portraiture that incorporated the elements of classic handcut paper art with creative detail and a feel for character that absolutely captures the subject, we found there was a fan base that craved a pop of color and unexpected textures, sizes, and hues as well as the option to have portraits created by photo. We work with intention of staying true to our silhouette roots while expanding creatively and offering our customers a truly unique concept in portraiture. Portraits In Silhouette has a focus on bespoke silhouette work by photo for those of you who are not able to make it to our events or want to take advantage of our pregnancy silhouettes or giant silhouettes!

Our silhouettes are never produced with a digital program, copied, or traced. You can expect a genuine, handcut, and individual portrait each time, with consideration for the subject's character and those great details - capturing "what makes them who they are." Whether that is a signature hairstyle, a cowlick, the way they hold their mouth, a bowtie, or glasses, we love to bring out the personality in our portraits!

Contact us at 774.200.5461 or portraitsinsilhouette@gmail at any time!

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