Generous host incentives + Small group atmosphere

A great fit for mother's and parents groups, or gatherings of friends who would like silhouettes done in a cozy and welcoming, low stress atmosphere!

Looking for a silhouette artist to come to your home and cut portraits for a small group of friends, relatives, or neighbors? In-home parties offer the host or hostess their silhouettes as a gift for arranging the event, with attendees purchasing their own silhouettes. This is perfect for mothers, parents groups, and folks that are looking to have silhouettes done but can't make it to an event. This is especially nice for the host or hostess as they receive their silhouettes at no cost! We do ask for five or more people to attend the in-home events excluding the host and dependent on location.

Contact Marcella at or 774.200.5461 to learn more or schedule your party!



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